Ceylon Cinnamon


Ceylon Cinnamon

Product Specifications
Color : Light to medium brown
Taste : Mild subtle taste with hints of sweetness
Look : Curl from one side only & roll up like newspaper
Feel : soft and easy to break
Grown : Sri Lanka & India
Courmarin content : Low
Layers : Thin layers bark rolled into multiple layers

Product Description

This is the ‘real’ cinnamon most people are referring to. Its scientific name even means ‘true cinnamon’ in latin. Ceylon cinnamon is native to the island of Sri Lanka—previously known as Ceylon—where the world’s majority of Cinnamomumverum is still grown today. Ceylon cinnamon has a delicately floral and citrusy aroma. It pairs especially well with poached fruits, homemade jams, teas, and coffee. The flaky bark is commonly used for making tea on its own.