Devanur Deluxe (DD) Chilli


Devanur Deluxe (DD) Chilli

Product Specifications
Product Name : Devanur Deluxe
Place : Guntur
Corolla Colour : Dry Red
Type : Available With Stem & Without Stem
Moisture : Below 12%
Length : 12cms (Without Stem)
Pungency (Heat) : 25,000 - 35,000 SHU
Colour : 90 ASTA - 180 ASTA
Physical : Semi Wrinkled type with Medium Hot
Skin : Thick
Shelf Life : Long

Product Description

Devanur deluxe (dd) chilli is one of the Guntur chilli variety and it's a hybrid type of traditional Byadgi chilli variety. It has a high market preference for powder, long sized & high colour value of ASTA