Yamuna Safed € 3 (G-282)


Yamuna Safed € 3 (G-282)

Product Specifications
Bulb diameter : 5cm to 6cm
Size Index : 27 - 29cm
Cloves diameter : 1.2cm to 1.4cm
No.of cloves : 15 to 16
TSS : 38.42%
Dry matter : 39-43%
Color : Creamy White
Region : Rajasthan, UP, Gj, Haryana, MP,Chattisgarh,Punjab

Product Description

The variety has done very well in Northern parts and also in Central parts of India. It was developed by mass selection technique from a local collection obtained from Dindigul (TN) in 1990. The leaves are wider than other varieties. The variety is mostly suitable for export.